Two years ago today Robert and I had our wedding. ♥

Meeting Robert was the single and most important event in my life, and I’m not just saying that. Robert and I met as a result of him opening a comic book store in the same shopping center as the grocery store I worked for at the time. I initially thought that “Comics Nexus Coming Soon” sign on the window when I was driving home from work was a dream. I was just that excited. I had no idea that the dude opening it was the important part. Back then I had a lot of social anxiety issues (there’s many other reasons too) and it took me a year, just around the time I was graduating high school, to finally go in there.  Robert made his place with the intention of people hanging out and playing games. It was really hard to get myself to talk to groups that were there, but I ended up mostly talking to Robert. Then I came by more and more. I’m sure him dealing with me initially wasn’t easy. I was shy as Hell, but the more I was around him I started opening up. Eventually I was sitting in his store just about every day before work, during my breaks, and after work. We adored being around each other, and the immense attraction was certainly mutual. After just a few months after meeting, it was very clear that we were in love. 

Coincidentally I have just recently been going through storage with all of my stuff prior to graduating. It’s unfortunate, but those were the worst years of my life. I had a troubling and unstable childhood, and my adolescence wasn’t much easier. Somehow when I met Robert, every bit of it went away. I suddenly had a family, a loved one, and the best friend I could ask for. Someone I wanted to be the best person I could possibly be for. Robert helped me get into and through school, he’s constantly helping and supporting me with my art, helped me get through my social anxiety problems, and he’s always giving me nothing but love.

Still to this day, after five years of constantly being in each other’s presence, we cannot get enough of being together. We are at our happiest when we spend each waking moment together, and there hasn’t been a single moment where we’ve gotten sick of it. 

Relationships like ours just don’t happen ever, and we know this. We are so very thankful for it every day. 

Also we had the best and nerdiest wedding ever. Dare you to attempt to top it. I dare you. 

Aw! Well this is a nice thing to wake up to. I can’t believe that it’s already been two years since our wedding. Or can I? Sometimes it seems like Jamie and I have been together forever, it just feels like our natural state of existence. I feel like I should write a lengthy post to match Jamie’s, but our relationship is a partnership, not a competition, and she’s already said everything that needs to be said. Thanks, partner. I promise to shower you with love today just like every day of our lives.